How to Setup Moosoo MT501 Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Follow the Below instructions to Setup Moosoo MT501 Robot Vacuum Cleaner to Home WIFI-

Step 1: Download and install the “Smart Life” app from the Play store or App store.

Step 2: Once installed, open and follow the app’s instructions to register the account and login if you are a new user.

Step 3: If you already have a Moosoo App account, simply login to the account. 

Step 4: Allow the permissions required by the Smart Life App for smoother operations.

Step 5: Click “Add Device.” Under Small Home Appliances, select “Robot Vacuum”.

Step 6: Please make sure the Moosoo MT501 Robot Vacuum is powered ON. 

Step 7: Check if the WIFI indicator is flashing. If not, then push the front bumper and press the power button until the WIFI icon on the Vacuum starts flashing. 

moosoo robot vacuum cleaner
moosoo robot vacuum cleaner Setup

Step 8: The App automatically detects the Moosoo Vacuum and asks you to enter the WIFI credentials. The Moosoo MT501 Robot Vacuum Cleaner supports 2.4 GHz WIFI. 

Step 9: once it connected to the home WIFI will show you a “Added Successfully” Message on the app. 

Step 10: You can name the vacuum anything you want. 

Step 11:The app includes numerous operational features such as Smart Cleaning, Manual Cleaning, Scheduled Cleaning Time, and many more.


What to do if the Moosoo vacuum won’t start?

1. Look for damage to the power cord and plug.
2. Take out the floor brush and extension tube. Check carefully to see if they are clogged, and clean them up.
3. Empty the dust cup and remove the white HEPA filter from the unit. Remove the dirt with some shaking, then use the filter as normal.
4. After you are finished cleaning, turn the vacuum back on.

When should I change the Moosoo Vaccum HEPA filter?

After each use, we recommend removing the Moosoo Vaccum HEPA filter from the dust cup and shaking off the dust.  Please change the HEPA filter every 2-3 months. This is the most important step in protecting the machine and ensuring that the suction is maintained.

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