You can setup Opticover range extender in two ways: either by using the WPS button or by logging in to the web interface.

Setup Opticover Extender using a web browser

  1. After you have plugged the router and the device into the power socket, you must now position the router so that it can be paired.
  2. Now switch on the gadget and wait for the wireless LED to light up on it when it has been turned on.
  3. You may connect using an Ethernet cable by connecting the cable from the respective extender to your computer and then connecting the wire from your computer to the extender.
  4. Always check to make sure that your device is not linked to any other Ethernet cables.
  5. On a laptop or computer, pick the internet option. Choose the optical overlay device from the list of wireless devices.
  6. Simply create the connection by clicking on the button labeled “Connect.”
  7. To access the web interface of the router , use a browser. Enter the IP address or ap.setup of the route into the address bar.
  8. To log in to the router, you will need to use the default login and the default password.
  9. Choose the network that your Wi-Fi is associated with (SSID) and then input the password.
  10. After that, you should click the Next button.
  11. You can give the Opticover device a new SSID. You can use the same password for your wireless network and the Opticover device. To proceed, tab to the next button.
  12. After the connection has been established, you should check the RE LED that is located on the extender. Blink once it has stopped, and the LED color will change to a solid state.

Setup Opticover Using WPS

  • Simply connect the extension to the existing electrical system.
  • The next step is to locate the router and then click on it.
  • After that, go straight away to push the button just on the extender by clicking it.
  • There is a light on the router, as well as the light on the extension will start blinking shortly.
  • Wait until all of the lights on the router and also the extension become solid before proceeding. That the link is safe to use would be stated there.
  • You can move the extender to any room in your house once the connection has been made successfully.

How to reset the OptiCover Repeater?

Putting the extender into its factory default state will either delete all of the setup settings or cause it to disconnect from any existing Wi-Fi router connections. If the range extender is connected but there’s no internet connection, push the reset button and set it up again.

  1. Insert the power cable into the socket for the repeater device, and wait for it to fully start up.
  2. Look for a tiny button that resets the device or a tiny hole.
  3. When all the LED lights go out and come back on rapidly, hold down the reset button for 8-10 seconds and then release it.
  4. The restoring of the default configuration to factory settings will take roughly three minutes after the extender device reboots.
  5. After resetting the extender, you can try to set it up again using the WPS or Login methods shown above.

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