Before you read about Setup Synology DiskStation DS220j, let us give you a brief overview about Synology DiskStation power packed Feature. It came with 64-bit 4-core 1.4 GHz powerful processor along with 512 MB DDR4 non-ECC RAM.

  • Turn on your DS220j and wait.
  • Launch an internet browser on a computer that is part of the same local area network (LAN) as the DS220j.
  • In the address bar of your browser, type
  • Your web browser will be prompted to open the Web Assistant application. It will look for and locate the Synology NAS.
  • The local network It is recommended that the DS220j be set to the state of Not Installed.
  • To begin the setup procedure, click the Connect button, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • If you mistakenly exit the installation process before it is complete, you will need to log in to the DSM as the administrator (the default account name for administrative purposes) and the password is kept blank.

How to RESET Synology DiskStation DS220j?

The following are the respective modes for resetting Synology DiskStation DS220j

  • Mode 1: Reset the administrator’s login credentials as well as the network settings.
  • Mode 2: Reset the Synology NAS and reinstall the latest version of DSM

Mode 1: Reset the administrator’s login credentials as well as the network settings.

  • Find the RESET button on your Synology network-attached storage (NAS).
  • You may use a paper clip to gently push and hold down the RESET button for around four seconds until you hear a beep, and then you can instantly release your grip on the button.
  • Launch Web Assistant. Double-click the Synology network-attached storage device. On the screen where you log in, the default username for the system is admin. Leave the password box blank, and then click the Sign In button.
  • Construct a secure password, and then hit the “Submit” button.
  • You may now log in to DSM by using the username admin and the password that you just created for yourself.
  • Double-click on the administrator account you want to use by going to Control Panel > Users > the User tab and selecting the account from the list.
  • You may change your password by going to the info tab in the box that just popped up. Select the OK button.
  • To deactivate the admin account, first, sign in using the administrator account, and then go to Control Panel>User>the User tab in the appropriate section of the menu. Execute a double-click on admin, then select the checkbox next to “Disable this account.” Select the OK button.
  • It is now time to change the status of the admin account to Disabled.
  • After the RESET, Setup Synology DiskStation DS220j from the Scratch.

Mode 2: Reset the Synology NAS and reinstall the operating system, known as DSM

Reset the Synology NAS
  • This mode erases all system settings and performs all reset operations contained in Mode 1.
  • Reset your Synology NAS by pressing the RESET button there 
  • You may use a paper clip to gently press and hold down the RESET button for around four seconds until you hear a beep, and then you can instantly remove your pressure on the button.
  • Within the first 10 seconds, push and keep your finger on the RESET button for a full four seconds, or until you hear three more beeps.
  • Wait for about two minutes until the STATUS light on your Synology NAS begins blinking orange. This indicates that your Synology NAS has been successfully reset, and the system settings have been removed.
  • To reinstall DSM, put into the search box of your web browser, and then locate your Synology NAS on the page that the Web Assistant displays. Your Synology network-attached storage (NAS) server should have the name DiskStation, FlashStation, or Rack Station depending on the type of Synology NAS you have. It seems like the status of your device has changed to “Configuration lost.”
  • Perform a double click on Synology NAS, and then follow the on-screen prompts to finish the re-installation procedure.

How do I connect my Synology NAS to my local network?

  • Power LED indication status
  • Off Power LED: It’s off. Start your NAS. If it won’t start, check the power, adapter, or other hardware. If your Synology NAS is still under warranty, contact your local reseller.
  • Flashing Power LED: It’s turning on or off. Wait 30 minutes before reconnecting. Unplug and reconnect the gadget if the Power LED continues blinking before turning it on. If the issue persists, see this article.
  • On Power LED: It’s turned on. Network difficulties may prevent you from accessing your Synology NAS. For help, see the next section.
  • Check Synology NAS’s network connectivity.
  • Ensure your Synology NAS’s LAN LEDs are blinking.
  • Check your switch or router’s LED lights.
  • Check Synology NAS and PC connection using PING. For more, see this article.
  • Follow these steps to find your Synology NAS. If neither tool finds your device, see this article.
  • is your Web Assistant.
  • Assistant Synology: This desktop tool is under Download Center>Synology  NAS model> Desktop Utilities.
  • Web Assistant and Synology Assistant show all Synology devices and their states.
  • 3 Information is underneath.
  • Missing: Don’t install or you’ll lose all your info. This article explains how to recover data from disks.
  • After reinstalling DSM, shared folder data won’t be erased.
  • Installed: The system is ready to use.
  • Synology NAS network connectivity issues. Press RESET for 4 seconds until you hear a beep to reset your NAS. 4 5 to reset your Synology NAS To reset your Synology NAS, see the tutorials for DSM 6.2.3 and lower and DSM 6.2.4 and above.


How install Synology NAS DS220j?

1. Remove the front panel’s drive bay cover.
2. To detach the drive tray from the Synology NAS, push the latch upwards and lift the handle.
3. Insert drives into the drive trays.
4. For 3.5 “Remove the fastening panels from the drive tray’s sides. Insert the drive into the drive tray. Then, to secure the drive, insert the fastening panels.
5. For 2.5 “drives: Disconnect the fastening panels from the sides of the drives tray and save them somewhere secure. Place the drive in the region of the drive tray indicated by the blue rectangle below, then flip the tray upside down and tighten the screws supplied to secure the drive.
6. Insert the filled drive tray into the empty drive bay. Insert the drive tray into the vacant drive bay, ensuring the “UP” side is facing up. When the tray is securely fastened, you ought should hear a click.
7. If you have prepared another drive, repeat the preceding procedures to install it.
8. The drives are labelled as indicated below.
9. To complete the installation, replace the hard drive bay cover.
To Setup Synology DiskStation DS220j visit

What can I do with DS220j?

The Synology DiskStation DS22j is a fantastic option for home users who want to establish a personal cloud in which they can back up personal data and share a variety of other types of files, such as images, music, and papers from the workplace. It features a user-friendly operating system that makes it simple to set up disks, establishes shared folders, and transforms the network-attached storage device (NAS) into a multimedia server. Additionally, the installation process is a breeze and performed very well in testing. The vast majority of the network-attached storage (NAS) devices that we evaluate are offered without disks, so you’ll need to use your storage and then use the appropriate tools to install them.

Can you upgrade DS220j RAM?

·         Put the Synology DiskStation DS220j into power save mode.
·         Remove the two hard disk bays from the computer.
·         On the same side as the power button is where you’ll find the slot for the RAM.
·         Remove the freshly acquired RAM from its container and place it on your computer.
·         Place the module into the slot with care, making sure that the notch on the slot matches the notch on the module.
·         Replace the hard drive bays in the computer.
·         These actions are not required, but doing them is strongly advised.
·         Launch the Synology Assistant application.
·         Simply choose the gear icon located in the top-right corner.
·         Memory tests should be enabled.
·         To begin the memory test, select Synology DiskStation DS220j from the list and then right-click it.
·         After the completion of this test.

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