How to set up a Joowin WiFi extender

The JOOWIN WIFI EXTENDER is a high-quality WIFI repeater that may help you improve your signal’s strength and increase your network’s coverage area. It is simple to install and use and is compatible with all routers. In addition, the JOOWIN WIFI EXTENDER provides connections that are dependable and give exceptional speeds.

 Joowin WIFI Extender WPS Setup

  • Once Plugging In And Pressing The “On” Button On The Side, All The Lights Will Illuminate.
  • Connect Your Smartphone Or Computer To WiFi After Approximately 60 Seconds. (Keep Your Mobile Device Or Computer Connected To The Extender Throughout The Installation.)
  • The configured webpage will automatically load when the extender is configured for the first time. If Not, Open A Web Browser And Type “” Into The Address Bar.
  • Enter “Admin” As The Default Password And Click “Set Password.” It will scan the surrounding wireless network signals.
  • Select the WiFi network you wish to extend.
  • Without Selecting “Combine WIFI” Or “Sync Device,”
  • After entering your Wi-Fi password, click “Save Settings.”
  • After installation is complete, the system will restart automatically. Then Reconnect WIFI ‘Xxx-2g Or Xxx-5g’ (Your New WIFI Extender), Enter Your Original Wi-Fi Password, And Enjoy WiFi.
  • While activating “Combine Wi-Fi,”
  • After entering your Wi-Fi password, click “Save Settings.”
  • After installation is complete, the system will restart automatically. Then Reconnect WIFI “Xxx-208,5g” (Your New WIFI Extender), Using The Original WIFI Password, And Enjoy WiFi.
  • When activating “Sync Your Device,”
  • After entering your WIFI password, click “Save Settings”. 3–10. After Setup, The Extended Network Will Have The Same Name As Your Network. After Successful Setup, There Is No Need To Reconnect To The Extended Network; You May Immediately Use WiFi.

 Joowin WIFI Extender Manual Web-Based Setup

  • Once you plug it in and press the “on” button on the side, all the lights will turn on.
  • After Approximately Sixty Seconds, Join The WIFI Network Using “Joowin Xxx 2g” Or “Joowin_ Xxxsg.”
  • Enter The Password “Admin” And Log In Using The IP Address “” Click the “Set Password” button.
  • Find and choose your WiFi network.
  • Without Selecting “Combine Wifi” Or “Sync Your Device,” You Won’t Be Able To Combine.
  • After Entering Your Wifi Password, Click The “Save Setting” Button.
  • The Configuration Has Been Finished; Please Rejoin The New Wifi “Xxx-2g” Or “Xxx-5g.”
  • During The Process Of Turning On “Combine Wifi,”
  • After Entering Your Wifi Password, Click The “Save Setting” Button.
  • I Finished Configuring And Then Reconnected To The New WIFI 00k-2g863″
  • While You Are Activating The “Sync Your Device” Option, After Entering Your WIFI Password, Click The “Save Setting” Button.

Once You’ve Configured Everything, The Extended Network’s Name Will Be The Same As Your WIFI. It Is Not Necessary To Reconnect The Extended WIFI Connection.


How Do I Reset My Joowin Wifi Extender?  

Once Pressing And Holding The Wps/Reset Button On Your Extender For Ten Seconds And Waiting For The Lamp To Turn Off Before Turning It Back On Again, You Can Begin Resetting It To Its Factory Defaults.

How Do I Access My Joowin Wifi Extender?

The Process of Logging Into Your Joowin WIFI Extender Is Rather Straightforward. You Will Only Need A Web Browser And A Desktop Or Laptop Computer With An Ethernet Connection. If You Possess Both Of These Things, Proceed With The Actions That Follow:

1.Connect Your Desktop Computer Or Portable Laptop To The Joowin WIFI Extender Using An Ethernet Cable.
2. Launch Your Preferred Web Browser, Then In The Address Box, Enter
3. You Will Be Sent To The Login Page For The Joowin WIFI Extender When You Click This Link.
4. Both The Username And Password For The Default Account Are Admin. The Default Username is Admin.
5. You Will Be Allowed To Go To The Extender’s Interface’s Main Page When You Have Successfully Logged In With The Appropriate Credentials.

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