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How do you connect Roku to WIFI?

  • You’ll be asked to select Wired or Wireless to connect a Roku box or TV to a router and the internet.
  • If Wired is selected, be sure to use an Ethernet cable to connect your Roku Box or TV to your network. You can access the internet over your home network using a Roku device. Once validated, you may proceed with the other setup procedures for your Roku device.
  • Before continuing to the remainder of the Roku Device procedure, there are extra steps to perform before selecting Wireless.
  • For the first time, your Roku player will automatically search for any accessible Wi-Fi networks in its vicinity.
  • Select your wireless network from the list of networks that appear when the list of available networks is shown.
  • Scan again to view all networks and check whether your home network comes in the next list if you can’t find it.
  • Check the Wi-Fi and the internet connection after you have selected your network. If that’s the case, then you may go on. If this is the case, check whether you’ve picked the right network.
  • After Roku has confirmed it can connect to your network, you’ll be prompted for your network password. After you input your password, choose Connect. Your Roku device will be linked to your home network and the internet when the password is typed successfully.
  • When a connection is established, connected Roku devices automatically look for firmware and software upgrades. Download and install any that you find.
  • Before proceeding with any other setup or viewing, wait for this procedure to complete.
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