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How to Update Firmware For Coredy Extender?

  • Flash memory is used to hold the extension software (routing software). Visit to see if new firmware is available and to upgrade your device.
  • A web browser should be open in step one.
  • Enter in the browser address field or http://ap.setup/ in the address bar.
  • To log in, use the usernameadmin” and the passwordadmin.” This is the basic start screen.
  • Select Upgrade Firmware from the drop-down menu on the right. Right-click and choose “”Upgrade””.
  • After the reboot is complete, reset the extender to its factory settings.


  1. Please do not interrupt the firmware update to prevent ruining it.
  2. As an example, do not shut down or reopen the browser.
  3. Never switch off your wireless router.
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