Nextbox WiFi Extender Setup

The Nextbox Wi-Fi Extender is intended for typical home or office usage and provides rates of up to 300Mbps. With the WiFi range extender, you can remove dead zones in rooms with poor Wi-Fi coverage. Nextbox Extender setup Step-By-Step

Nextbox Extender setup using WPS-

  • If the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button is supported by your home network, then using the WPS button to set up the Wi-Fi range extender is the simplest option. To setup the Nextbox WiFi range extender using the WPS button approach, follow the procedures that have been outlined below:
  • To begin, remove the Nextbox Wi-Fi range extender from its packaging and then connect it to an electrical outlet that is conveniently located near the home network.
  • After that, discover where the WPS button is located on the router and push it. After 2 seconds, the WPS button should be released.
  • Now, immediately after hitting the WPS button on the router, you need to press & hold the WPS button on the Nextbox Wi-Fi range extender for the remaining two seconds.
  • Once you have successfully connected the Nextbox extender to the router, watch for the LED lights on the extender.
  • The next step is to verify the network SSID of the extender by going into the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile device or laptop. Utilize the previous Wi-Fi password to connect the extender SSID.
  • After the Nextbox extender has been connected to the already present Wi-Fi router, the Nextbox Wi-Fi extender should be unplugged and reconnected in a different position.

Nextbox Repeater setup using Web Browser

  • Firstly, connect the Nextbox Wi-Fi extender near the home router and switch it on.
  • After that, go to the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile or computer and connect to the Nextbox 5X ext network.
  • Use a LAN cable to connect your Nextbox WiFi extender to the respective PC or laptop.
  • Now, open a favorite web browser on your PC and type Re.Nextbox.home in the address bar of the web browser hit the enter key.
  • For the first-time login, you need to set up the extender’s administration password. Create an administrator login password, choose repeater mode as running and click on the next button to move forward.
  • Now, the Nextbox Wi-Fi extender will scan the network surrounding you. You need to choose the Wi-Fi network name from the list that you wish to expand.
  • After that, input your current Wi-Fi password to make the connection.
  • Then, click on the proceed button to finalize the configuration of the Wi-Fi network. Finally, you will see a ‘wireless network successfully extended’ confirmation on your screen.

How to RESET Nextbox WiFi Extender?

  • Find the little RESET button that serves as an option on a repeater device.
  • After turning the range extender device on, you will need to wait a few seconds for it to finish booting up correctly.
  • Utilize a needle, then push and hold the reset button for a least ten to fifteen seconds, followed by the release button. 
  • The extender device will automatically reboot when the reset instructions have been executed and the default configuration has been restored.
  • Reconnect using either wired or wireless means and then proceed with the procedures outlined above to configure the next box using WPS or other login methods. Additionally, the Nextbox website offers a downloadable version of the Nextbox Wi-Fi extender setup instructions.

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