The Wyze Cam Pan stands out as a versatile and budget-friendly indoor surveillance camera, boasting features like 360-degree pan and tilt, 1080p HD video, and night vision. Your Wyze Cam Pan may be set up quickly and easily in a matter of minutes.This comprehensive guide will lead you through each step of the Wyze Cam Pan Setup process, offering clear directions and useful tips to ensure a seamless and successful installation. Regardless of your technical proficiency, these instructions will have you up and running quickly.

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A Complete Guide to Wyze Cam Pan: Features and Functionality 

  • Pan and Tilt Settings: Test out the pan and tilt features using the app. It’s like your camera’s own dance routine.
  • Night Vision: Check out how your Wyze Cam Pan sees in the dark. Spoiler alert: it’s impressive!
  • Two way Audio: Engage in a two-way audio interaction by greeting your camera with a “hello” and tuning in to hear its responses, creating a conversational experience with your robotic companion. 

Setting up Your Wyze Cam Pan: A Step-by-Step Guide

These are given steps below for Wyze Cam Pan Setup, follow these steps: 

  1. Carefully unpack your Wyze Cam Pan, removing any protective packaging. Choose an optimal location for the camera, ensuring it has a clear view of your monitoring area. Mount it on a wall, shelf, or table using the provided bracket.
  2. Attach the USB cable to the Wyze Cam Pan and the power adapter. Plug the adapter into a power outlet, and observe the solid red status light, indicating power reception.
  3. Download the Wyze app from the Google Play Store or the App Store if you haven’t already. Make an account, or sign in with an existing one.
  4. Navigate to the “+” symbol in the upper left corner of the Wyze app, click “Add Device,” and then select “Cameras” and “Wyze Cam Pan.”
  5. Choose your 2.4 GHz network, type in the password, and continue.
  6. Locate the SETUP button on the camera’s bottom. Press and hold until you hear “Ready to connect.”
  7. In the Wyze app, confirm hearing “Ready to connect,” and proceed.
  8. Hold the Wyze Cam Pan in front of the displayed QR code until a confirmation beep.
  9. Check “I heard, ‘QR code scanned‘” in the app and proceed.
  10. Assign a unique name for easy identification. Tap “Next” to continue.

Congratulations! Your Wyze Cam Pan setup is finished. Enjoy the live video feed in the Wyze app. 

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Wyze Cam Pan Setup: Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues

  • Encountering Wi-Fi Connection Issues:

If you’re unable to connect to Wi-Fi, double-check that your Wi-Fi network is functioning correctly, and confirm you’ve entered the right password. Restart your router and consider resetting the Wyze Cam Pan to factory settings if needed. 

  • Trouble with QR Code Scanning:

If you’re facing issues with scanning the QR code, inspect it for damage or obstructions. Adjust the lighting and the distance between the camera and the QR code for optimal scanning. 

  • No Live Video Feed:

If there’s no live video feed, first, ensure your internet connection is stable. Confirm that the Wyze Cam Pan is powered on and connected to Wi-Fi. Try restarting both the Wyze app and the Wyze Cam Pan to troubleshoot the issue. 


Q. Is Wyze Cam Pan Compatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi Networks?

A. No, the Wyze Cam Pan exclusively functions with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks. 

Q. Is Outdoor Mounting Suitable for Wyze Cam Pan?

A. No, the Wyze Cam Pan is designed for indoor use only and is not weatherproof.

Q. Can Wyze Cam Pan Operate Independently of the Wyze App?

A. No, the Wyze Cam Pan relies on the Wyze app for both setup and day-to-day operation.

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